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Learning by doing.

Through our program, we provide the patient for you, the Doctor.

All of our facilities are in the continental United States. We believe in providing you with a real world experience with willing participants as your patient to learn on. There will be very little differences besides the actual location in the performing of these surgical procedures from our facilities to your office. You can start with confidence right away!

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Approved PACE Program Provider

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07/01/2013 to 06/30/2018

AGD #354210

AIE – Alabama Implant Education

This course centers around live patient care and mentored surgical experiences. For the student this means real patients, real surgery and real education. This curriculum rewards hard work and support students with high levels of personal attention. Small classes ensure plenty of interaction with our faculty. Our graduates place implants successfully in their own practices.

  • Live surgery customized for doctor’s learning needs

  • Patient provided

  • Discount of 20-30% for two or more dentists

  • Surgeries in the US

  • 10% off of CIRP course when AIE is attended first

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Best dental implant education online

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Best dental implant training online

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed my experience with you at the CIRP course. I had no idea how much surgical experience I would be getting during my time at the course. The structure that you have created with the Foundry Dental Clinic is one that’s quite unique and “win-win” for both patients and doctors. I’m convinced that there is no other place to go to for surgical training that fives a clinician this much experience in performing implant surgeries.”

Dr. Dwight Landry | Geismar, LA

Best dental implant training online

“My experience with the AIR and CIRP courses were second to one. I was immediately able to take the hands-on experiences I received back to my office and place dental implants with confidence. I can honestly say these were the best CE course I’ve taken in my career and will continue to bring me a return on my investment for years to come.”


George M. Hebeka, D.D.S. | Ohio

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